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1st December - 20th January

Grey Area

Tiffany Wellington

Grey Area is centred around the presentation of a new sound piece informed by Wellington's current research that focuses on the light & sound of Red. Red has anxiety reducing, low energy effects; that are characterised by a deeper, bassier sound, and has been scientifically proven to have a calming effect on the mind.

Red light can be used as a tool for improving sleep, reducing stress, and even boosting creativity - its infrasonic frequencies resemble that of airplane engines, crashing waterfalls and live kick drums. Dissecting the legacy of sound as an art practice, the work looks at new platforms of sonic storytelling, focusing on the dynamics of performance in a public space.

Grey Area brings listening and liveness to the forefront, and invites various artists to react and perform to Red, opening the room to different interpretations, activating the space by giving the audience a differing version of the show each time they witness a performance.

Featuring performances by: NEV, Liza Dickson, Raheel Khan,  MARIA and Tiffany Wellington. 

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