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Studio/Chapple is a contemporary art gallery and project space in Deptford, South-East London.

Positioned at the intersection between contemporary emerging art, club culture and sonic production, the gallery activates a unique conversation that highlights the relationship between sonic and and visual artistic ecologies.

We present a dynamic programme of group, duo and solo shows that champion the work of emerging and early-career artists based in the UK. By no means limited to sonic art, our programme calls on a diverse range of practices that are united in their theoretical and conceptual rigour, and embodiment of critical discourse.

To run alongside the gallery’s exhibition programme, we host performances, gigs and club nights, either at the gallery or partnered with local venues in South-East London. In doing so, an often overlooked dialogue is created involving contemporary art practices, sonic agency and club culture in the UK and beyond.

Seeking to dismantle the deeply rooted notions of elitism and exclusivity within the art world, we work with artists, curators, DJs, musicians and sound systems across London, highlighting a rich ecosystem of sonic and visual cultural production both within and beyond the gallery

Opening Hours

During exhibitions:

Fri - Sat : 12 - 6pm

At other times, by appointment only

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