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Tiffany Wellington

Tiffany Wellington (b.1996, Kingston, Jamaica) lives and works in London, UK. They received their MFA from Goldsmiths University, London (2022). Working with a collection of interests, interlacing photography, performance, sound, and sculpture through the insertion of their own personal experiences, they provide certain truths that lie parallel with the falsehoods provided in narration. They are not creating a lie, but the lie can be seen within.

Solo and duo exhibitions include: 'Duppy Water', Public Gallery, London (2023); 'Love is a state of mind', San Mei Gallery, London (2023); 'Made in Heaven', DES BAINS, London (2022). Wellington has also exhibited in group exhibitions at Cubitt Gallery, London (2023), the Austrian Culture Forum, London (2023), Xxijra Hii, London (2021), and has performed at Cafe Otto (2023) and The Royal Academy of Arts (2023). Wellington was awarded the Lisson Gallery Scholarship in 2022.

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