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Shamiran Istifan

Shamiran Istifan (b.1987, Baden, Switzerland) lives and works in Zurich. Her desire to tell stories originated in the experience of growing up in the so-called two-worlds-system which formed for her generation. Shamiran's art practice focuses on layered social dynamics, motivated by her personal experience of the way class, gender and religion shape collectivism, politics and personal relationships. Through an intimate aesthetic her work points to way symbolism permeates daily life.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Precious Pipeline, Rose Easton, London (2022). Law&Order, Kulturfolger, Zurich, Switzerland (2021); G by Destiny, All Stars, Lausanne, Switzerland (2021) and Micro Entities, Material, Zurich, Switzerland (2020). Selected group exhibitions include: Reflection is the Daughter of the Scandal, Angela Mewes, Berlin (2021); As We Gaze Upon Her, Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi (2021); Depuis des Lunes, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne (2021); 5th Floor, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva (2021) and Nour el Ain, Karma International, Zurich (2021). In September 2021, she was awarded the Werkshau Prize by Kanton of Zurich for her work Ex Amore Vita: Ladies’ Room, 2021.

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