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Rene Matić

Rene Matić (b. 1997, Peterborough) is an artist, writer and poet based in London. Their work spans across photography, film and sculpture in a meeting place they describe as rude(ness) – to interrupt and exist in/between. Matić often takes their departure point from dance and music movements such as Northern soul, Ska and 2-Tone, using them as sites to queer and re-imagine the intimacies between West Indian and white working-class culture in Britain.

In Dancing in Outer Space, Matić showed two intimate portraits of DJs Nadine Artois, co-founder of monthly club night Pxssy Palace, and Sippin’ T, co-founder of the QTIPOC curatorial collective and club night BBZ. Offering a celebratory yet anti-symbolic snapshot into often undocumented nightlife worlds, they encapsulate moments of defiance and collective joy unique to the dancefloor.

Matić is represented by Arcadia Missa, London.

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