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Ibrahim Azab

London-based Artist and Curator Ibrahim Azab shifts between Sculpture, Performance, Photography and digital collage. Ideas of Process, perception, and information from the centre point of Azab’s practice whilst surrounding research of his work investigates the relationship between the fictional, real, material and immaterial landscapes.

His work explores the photograph as object, through digital and physical intervention, with a focus towards the movement and transfer of visual language as abstract information. Significantly the work of Ibrahim Azab is concerned with failure and representation within the photographic medium, playfully surfacing the act of seeing and unseeing through phenomenological understanding of the surface.

Recent exhibitions include Close to Home, curated by Ronan McKenzie at The Royal Academy of Arts, London (2023); ORBITS, Seen Fifteen, London (2022); Cohesion, duo exhibition with Josh Moseley, HOME By Ronan McKenzie, London (2022); A Hand Is Dealt, South Kiosk, London (2020); Fresh Cuts, Sid Motion Gallery, London (2020); >>Thread Count<< - CO-OP (Der Greif) Unseen Photo fair, Amsterdam (2017).

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