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Alia Hamaoui

Alia Hamaoui (b.1996) is a British/Lebanese artist based in London. She received her BA (Hons) Painting from Camberwell College of Arts in 2018.

Alia’s multidisciplinary practice weaves together layered fragments, haptic textures and lost histories. Her work embodies a shift from physical remnants of the past to the digitising of memories, playing with processes centred around compression, distortion and the manipulation of perception that typically manifests itself through sculpture and image-making. The works often draw from historical artefacts, mass media or heterotopic spaces that resonate with Hamaoui’s dual heritage and personal memories, to deepen our understanding of how cultural identity, objects and place relate to one another from the perspective of our contemporary techno-induced state.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Scaled Reiterations, DKUK (London, 2021), Springboard (London 2019) and recent group exhibitions include: Praxis, Arusha Gallery, (London 2022); Doubling Down, Leicester Contemporary, curated by Castor Projects (Leicester 2021); and Take Care, 3+1 Arte Contemporanea, curated by PADA Studios, (Lisbon 2021). Alia is also a founding member of Collective Ending.

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