Image by Dani

Studio Chapple is a London-based online gallery working exclusively with graduate and emerging artists in the UK.

Seeking to dismantle an ever-growing exclusivity associated with the art world, Studio Chapple fosters close relationships between artists and collectors, and acts as a stepping stone into the commercial sector for recent graduate artists.

As we are unrestricted by a permanent gallery space, Studio Chapple inhabits a nomadic lifestyle; the gallery is soon to host a series of pop-up exhibitions in different locations across the UK. Of course, buying an artwork online without seeing it in person is a huge commitment, so we offer studio visits where clients can meet the artist and see the works in situ. Ultimately, as a client of Studio Chapple, you will build a personal relationship with both myself and our artists.

We welcome anyone from first-time buyers to experienced collectors, and I hope to introduce you to a curated roster of the most exciting artists emerging in the UK now. Studio Chapple gives collectors a chance to purchase works by the next generation of contemporary artists, before they are out of reach.

— Louis Chapple, Founder